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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HEAD GAMES ! - What it really takes to get wealthy

You have heard of the power of positive thinking!

But do you really have what it takes to become wealthy with REO's or anything in life period?

The plain and simple fact is that many people think they are using positive thinking strategies for working their investments when in reality they are simply playing head games.

See how you score with this set of “truth serum” questions…then learn how to stop playing games and start investing for real wealth and success.

1. Do you have 20, 10, 5 and 1 year goals written down on paper...or are they simply stuck in your own mind? Research has consistently demonstrated those that actually write down goals are much more likely to accomplish them later. If your goals are just in your own mind it’s an indicator you are playing head games rather than setting the stage for long term accomplishment. Put them on paper – be specific.

What is your net worth goal at each stage?

How many homes for what average profit are required to get you there?

What is your acceptance ratio?

How many offers will you need to make each week/month to achieve that goal?

2. Do you focus on attitude or actions? Although attitude can change behavior – it’s much more likely that behavioral actions will change your attitude. Having a positive attitude is important but attitude alone will not close a deal; instead, your attitude is likely to reflect your degree of preparedness and successful closing of deals.

Don’t fall for the trap of believing all that is required is simply a good attitude – remember, actions speak louder than words. Get a proven plan of action that works then get busy implementing that plan every day.

3. Have you named your constraints? Everyone has obstacles and objections that limit their investment potential but have you taken the time to actually list each and every one of them?

The first step in learning how to live without limits is to put them into proper perspective. Write them down then take a long hard look…(those of you around me know what I am talking about 1. moved out of state, 2. single parent, 3. wife worries about money, 4. bills to pay, 5. child support, 6. alimony to ex wife, 7. what if we fail, 8. don't like who I am working with, 9. don't have daycare, 10. I have been working for 40 straight days)which ones are true impediments to your success and which ones are merely “dislikeable” or "fucking excuses"?

For example, if you wanted to double your profit potential, you already know how many additional offers will need to be made each month (assuming you have already worked out numbers 1 and 2 above); how will you fit that time into your existing schedule in order to reach your goal?

Is it impossible to turn off the television for a few extra hours each week or just a question of determination? The choice is yours but be sure not to engage in self sabotage – name each constraint then list the solution beside it. once you have named the constraint and understand it the FIX IT!

Learning to live without self imposed limits is easier than you might think but it does require a few simple steps;

Clarity, Competence and Concentration.

These 3-C’s of success are the cornerstone to every investor / successful person.

Do you have the clarity required to truly accomplish your goals are you merely in the day-dream or talking stage?

If you aren’t acting then take a long hard look; lip service is cheap. Competence is essential to any strategy but fortunately for novice investors, it’s also "possible to purchase expertise": ME

doctors, lawyers and even real estate brokers all routinely sell their expertise.

Make it work for you buy committing to your own success. Concentration requires focus, determination and dedication to pursue your goal without becoming bored, fearful, anxious or allowing other negative emotions or situations (REMEMBER WHEN PEOPLE HAVE SOMETHING ELSE THAT NO ONE HAS, THERE IMMEDIATE REACTION IS TO ATTACK OR DISCREDIT WHAT THOSE PEOPLE ARE DOING OR HAVE) to interfere.

I have seen all the dirty tricks others will pull to discredit, shame, slander or place liable. Just to see if they can stop, cause problems or make people give up. (LOOK AT RECENT EVENTS, I HAVE PEOPLE RUNNING SCARED FOR THE FENCES BECAUSE WE JUST FINISHED THE FIRST MN PROJECT ON THURSDAY 10-22-09. AND WAS ALREADY GETTING FICTITIOUS ATTACKS BY SATURDAY 10-24-09) DUMB ASS BITCHES!!!

So Add them up to see where you stand, if you keep the three points labeled above in check personally, no one and I mean no one will ever be able to stop your success.

But on a personal note: make sure to always check you back field for those that are not truly on the team. There are always a few!




" No one changes Anything, without risking Everything"


  1. There are a lot of individuals that have been spreading some very negative information about our business plan trying to discredit us and make us sound like lying, cheating, scam artists.

    But if everyone would sit back for a minute and look at the possible gains we would make with our process by scamming, then compare that to the possible gains we would make by NOT scamming, you will quickly realize that if we are scamming we are stupid.

    Its very hard to stay focused with all the head games and poison out there, but I will do my best to keep my eye on the target.

    Will You?