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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cool Gadgets for Real Estate Investing that save time and money!!!

People keep asking me how I find, research or seem to know more about a house its surroundings or just in general more that the listing agent. Here is a small insight to some of the Coolest Google Gadgets You Never Knew About for Real Estate Investing.

Let's face it, if you are like most people you spend more than your fair share of time online surfing the Internet or otherwise Tweeting away time. Chances are, you may have missed out on some of the coolest Google gadgets that make great tools for real estate. Spend some time exploring then get ready to save these sites to your favorite lists:

1. Google Maps. Stop driving all over town to see the neighborhood of a potential property. Instead, simply type in the zip code then zoom down to the "street view". Not only can you see the property as well as those of the neighbors, but you can actually take a virtual walk down each road and around the block! Try it at

2. My Maps. Create your own customized maps with full GPS navigation/directions that can be sent and received via cell phone. It's the perfect companion to showing homes!

3. Google Trends. See what people are searching for then track it over time. Isolate by region or even city then use as a leading indicator for interest in real estate or short sales. Just type in "real estate" or "short sales" to see for yourself how well this little gem works!

4. SketchUp. Create, modify and share 3 dimensional models of homes, repairs or even modifications to real estate with Google SketchUp available at

5. Picasa. If you haven't used Google's super simple photo editor and storage service it's time to give it a try. Password protect those areas you want or allow anyone to view pictures of homes and other real estate related investments. Simple and free.

6. Google Mobile. Get your email, maps, photographs, GPS info, favorite blog or new content plus much more with Google Mobile.

7. Google Voice. Stop giving out your real phone number - instead, protect your privacy and security with a virtual phone number that reroutes to your phone or other line. Thanks to Google Voice, it's now possible. Currently in Beta, Google Voice is available by invitation only but if you apply, it typically takes approximately 5 to 10 days to receive an invitation. Best of all, number portability plus all the other bells and whistles are included for free!

8. City Tours. Show out of town prospects all the sites from the comfort of their own homes thanks to City Tours. Identify points of interest and plan trips for most major cities.

See you at the top!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Get your own Adam T-shirt!

One of my investors sent me this link and I really got a kick out of it. GET YOU OWN "ADAM IS MY HOMEBOY" T-SHIRT TODAY.

Friday, July 24, 2009

TGIF for the rest of you but for me it is thank god it's the weekend (TGITW). Because we have a great project + great returns, HAVE YOU PARTNERED?

I love the weekends because it gives me time to take off the house hunting hat, and slip into the house planning and designing jacket. This weekend I am heading out to a new project we just picked up yesterday for the complete redesign of the home. If you have been following my BLOG you will know that we buy homes and renovate to "new", green friendly of course. This home is a prime 3 bed, 2 bath SFH nestled into a quite neighborhood here in MN.

This home after renovation will sell for 75%+ LTV or around $100-125,000k to our end users. As you know we Co-Op with members and "this one" is available for partnering, but jump on it as it will not last through the weekend. Total cost for this project is $47,000 which includes acquisition and renovation to new. Contact me directly with questions or buy in information (standard 10% down required to participate as partner). Contact directly 24/7 as this is first come first serve.

I am asked constantly how to design and decorate with appeal that will sell the home within 30 days or less. Simple answer know what the public buyer wants and give it to them at wholesale prices.

Below is some information that will help in your design for projects in 2009-2010. But the best advice I really can give is jump off the fence and partner today, we will do the rest together.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts:

Hottest Trends for 2010

Want a head start on the competition? Learn how to catch the eyes of clients with the hottest trends for 2010. From colors to upgrades, these are the styles and statements coming soon to advertisements near you.


What's Hot...

You know that paint can make or break the look of a home but exactly which color looks best remains a mystery. Clear up the confusion by going with these sure-fire hits. According to industry leader Pantone, interior designers are opting for rich, complex color styles with earth friendly coatings. As for colors, try yellow (Thanks to the Obama's, yellow is the new white...even in the White House), green (the new neutral) and grey.

What's Not...

Chili Pepper red, lavender and aqua simply scream "paint me - now!".


Yes, textures are back and bigger than ever but forget shag rugs or faux rock walls, today's textures are truly inspired by nature. Simple, clean lines with a functional foundation and simple form. Natural tile rather than carpeting, stainless steel rather than plastics and reclaimed wood or bamboo versus exotic hardwoods.


European. Bigger isn't better and American's are finally catching on to what Europeans have known for a long time; simplicity makes sense. Kitchens are making a big comeback as people entertain at home and search for healthier - and less expensive - food options. Make it easy to prepare, clean and maintain the kitchen with quality appliances that emphasize the home rather than restaurant.


People are spending more time in the yard but don't expect them to do yard work. The hottest trend is low maintenance yards that require little to no mowing, weeding and primping. With the average cost of lawn maintenance approaching $2,500 annually, people expect to derive a real benefit. Greenhouse & Gardens are making a major come-back as are outdoor entertaining centers. Fruit trees, workshops and outdoor living space is in - picture perfect lawns that require hours of unpaid work each week or high priced maintenance service are waaay out.

See you at the top!

Please contact me directly for this weekends project for photos and buy in opportunity.


" No one changes Anything, without risking Everything"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday words of advice: Investors stick to what we as people need!

Now on to our real estate investor education section...

Value Matching - Selling What Matters Most

There is a new trend hitting America that every real estate professional and short sale investor should use to their advantage; getting back to basics. You've seen the credit card commercials with feel good family values that claim conspicuous consumption is dead or the big box stores touting stay-cation's rather than expensive European getaways....but how can you make it work for real estate?

It's simple once you understand the basics about value matching. Keep reading to learn more:

1. Don't Pigeonhole. Value matching is not about putting labels on people; in fact, that is a sure-fire way to fail. Instead, it is about learning what values are important to your target population then meeting their needs by providing the best "fit" possible. Real estate is one of the most important investments most people will make during their lifetime. Aside from the large dollar amount, it is often a critical decision which will define the future of their family and social standing for years to come.

2. Listen. Value matching requires the ability to listen in order to understand the needs, hopes and desires of the buyer (or seller). It's imperative to find out what matters most to each client then sell those factors - forget about the typical trappings of success (unless that is indeed what matters most to your client) and instead focus on what they value most. The typical family will fall into several distinct categories including:

* Family - Young married couples searching for safe, affordable family oriented neighborhoods. Schools, cost, local amenities like parks and safety take top priority.
* Empty Nester's - Convenience typically trumps everything else. Low maintenance yards, access to hospitals/grocery/shopping/golf and good neighbors get their attention.
* Sanctuary - Freedom, privacy and safety is of utmost concern for some; don't be too quick to put a label since these come in all shapes and sizes. From high net worth individuals seeking solitude to good-ole-boys that want to practice commando moves in their back yard, those seeking safety and privacy will pay a premium for the right property.

3. Build Relationships - The future will require the ability to build meaningful relationships even for temporary transactions like those of real estate. Trust has become a bigger issue than ever as people feel uncertain about whether or not they are getting a good deal or will encounter trouble later down the road. Word of mouth marketing has always been a real estate agents best friend but now, investors are recognizing the benefits as well.

4. Position as a Problem Solver - Become more than a sale person or investor by positioning yourself as a problem solver with solutions to people's most urgent housing related needs. People have an inherent need to feel unique and a growing grudge about paying for simple 'paper shuffling'. On the other hand, everyone is grateful when someone solves their most pressing problem...even if the cost is higher. Remember, its part of the value you bring to the table during any transaction.

See you at the top! Make sure to read Sunday's blog, we are ready to rock and roll.

" No one changes Anything, without risking Everything"

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I had a great conversation today with an old business partner of mine, and he asked me the best question I have been presented with in a long time. That question inspired me to write this blog and hopefully will inspire some of you to partner up / invest and help grow the company. The question you ask: Why I left the Import / Export business to wholesale REO properties to investors and home buyers?

The answer was simple, yet led into a two hour conversation with him and by the end of the phone call he was talking about moving to MN and looking into who he knew or how he could help me get the financing needed to partner with me on my deals.

For those of you reading I will go into short but further detail explaining the science, math and exit strategy behind why I left the import world for the world of REO investing. The answer was simple ‘I explained’ Why buy 1,000 Ipods just to make $20,000, when I can buy one (1) home for less cost and make $50-60,000.


When buying wholesale electronics I would purchase hundreds to thousands of units directly from the factories, just to wait for them to clear customs and be delivered by cargo freight to the United States. Once they arrived I would have to warehouse them and then hustle to get them to distributors for sale online or in smaller retail shops. This process takes all cash up front to purchase and ship, and the average time for purchase, shipping and sale is 120-150 days. Imagine all that work, stress and time to make what an average of $10.00 per unit after all cost. So do the math:

Simple Math:

1,000 IPOD’s = 1,000 x $100 (Wholesale cost from factory)= $100,000.00
Wholesale price to distributor from me (includes all fees and shipping) = $123.00
Profit per unit after costs= $20.00

This is a Standard deal for a medium sized online retail group. So as you can see the total profit is only $20,000 for something that might take four to five months.
The huge downside to this business is you are buying directly in cash from overseas, there are no guarantees that you even get the product let alone that it is even officially licensed product. Lastly once you have the product state side you need to sell it cheaply enough to compete with the big box stores.


When investing in Reo properties I have taken everything I have learned from over 14 years of my Import and Global Executive career in wholesaling and applied that in a approach formula that is a win for the banks in removing there toxic assets, a win for my partners and investors and a win for the buyers and communities we invest in.

This will explain the formula in brief detail for your review of the REO Investment program. I am buying houses at .20 (twenty) - .30 (thirty) cents on the dollar. These homes are 3 bed+ 2 bath 2 car garage in prime locations throughout MN (program can be applied in any state or country). When it comes to the Rehab of the property we handle all construction management. This ensures the margins are kept for all renovations at under .50 (fifty) cents on the dollar. The Rehab quality we perform on our properties is to “NEW” construction condition.
Meaning our homes look, smell and appear to be new construction to the investor and buyer.

OK, we have a home fully renovated to new condition in a prime location that is purchased and rehabbed at less than .50 (fifty) cents or 50% of its current true market value.
During the process of purchase and renovations my team of real estate agents and marketers has been advertising the home for direct sale to investors and end home buyers. Selectively making sure that by the end of construction we have a buyer lined up to close in under 20 days after inspection. Total time is 30-45 days from purchase to sale of property to end user.

Simple Math:

1 of “MY” REO Homes = 1 x $20,000 (average cost to purchase) = $20,000.00
Renovations of the home = $40,000 (average cost everything upgraded to new) = $40,000
Total cost to purchase, renovate, and close = A + B = C($60,000.00)
True Market Value in Today’s Market after repairs = $175,000.00 (average)

Exit Strategy:
We are here to move the houses as fast as we can and sometimes we will sell the home even before we purchase or start construction. The difference is not just finding superb properties but adding and giving value to the buyer whether they are end buyers or investors. The way we do that is the quick sale model of selling the property at an average of 75% LTV* for the sample property that means we would sell this home to the investor for $131,000.00 leaving over $44,000.00 in equity with a completely like “new home” as incentive to buy from us.

Profit for the company and partner after selling the house and paying interest and fees = $61,000.00
Fees include closing cost, agent fees, misc. =10,000 on average.

If you are my new partner or client I just split $61,000.00 with you 50/50. I currently have more properties than I can handle and need the influx of new partners or investors to make our company the hottest investment firm to hit the Midwest.

After reading this I hope you are as excited about the opportunity as I am, please contact me directly with any questions you might have. And I look forward to seeing how many properties we can buy and sell together.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

End of first day on new Venture

Posted for new Investors and Business Partner today. Felt like I just ran the obstacle course at Fort Benning Ga, but at the end of the day the postings are out and one new client is on board.

First project home for small investor 85k purchase, financing has been arranged and should be able to help them close in less than a month. Home should be appraised at 175K after rehab and client can sell quickly for 140k to move it.

Funny today that everyone sees value, just doesn't want to help anyone but themselves. Investors are there just got to get the word out.

Investors needed for property Purchases

20-25% APY with Secured Investment Products

Earn 20-25% APY with our secured investment products.

Even if you’re a day-trader, today’s equities markets are no longer a reliable vehicle for generating a reasonable return on investment. The cascading bear market, with record-breaking intra-day volatility, has scared many people away from this arena altogether. And let’s face it – the yield on most traditional fixed income products is far too low.
Are you looking for a place to invest your capital that can perform in this environment?

Our Hard money program is the answer.

Our Bridge Loan Investment Fund guarantees a 20-25% APY, and is secured by prime real estate. Whether you’re a savvy real estate investor or simply an individual looking for a reasonable return on capital, our financial products can fit your needs. We offer our affiliates choices from our portfolio of loan scenarios, pre-screened to fit our strict underwriting criteria. • All investments are secured by first lien on prime real estate. • Set your own underwriting criteria, or choose from our portfolio of investments. • Minimum investment: $20,000

Looking for Business partner!

I can Buy Homes at $0.20-0.30 Cents on the dollar in great structural shape, Rehab them in less than 30 days to new current condition and sell them to investors or end buyers at $.070 Cents on the dollar for great returns Average sale price $125-175K

Looking for Investor or Capital Partner to launch company!
*Needed Immediately: $3-5,000 for operating capital (secured with collateral and ownership) *Construction Investment: Needed to cover project rehabbing. (30 days)
* Purchase financing already arranged.

Here is the breakdown of my business and what we have set up. My company wishes to purchase and help real estate investors locate properties here in the Twin Cities that are listed, or not listed on the MLS ( Multiple Listing Service) and arrange the investor to pick up the properties typically around .20-30 Cents on the dollar. Once the property is acquired we receive our fee of $5000.00 at closing. We are a full service agency that arranges everything for the investor. So after acquiring the property we handle all project management for the renovations. As a company we make 10-15% of construction cost for this service, example of profit $40,000 in renovations x 15%= $6,000 company profit. We also help market the property during the construction stage for the investor to flip the house to an end user. We make 2.7% if we are able to sell the house without the use of a realtor. I have currently three real clients I am working with that have the ability of purchasing houses this month. I need to devote all of my efforts and attention to them and the continued growth of the company. (Hence the need for immediate Partners).

I have current obligations that must be met immediately that is why I am in need of the working capital. If you and I can come to an agreement immediately I will be able to pay you back this month with interest if that is agreeable. In regards to collateral I am a start up company but could offer idealistically a partnership with you long term, or place some of my personal belongings up that would more than equal the short term loan amount, or ownership in the business. Please let me know your thoughts. Please contact me directly to discuss this as I am sure a phone conversation will better explain my company, myself and the needs for the capital. I would like to buy these homes for the company itself, but have set two avenues to generate income.
1. Company home and 2.Investor Services.
1.If purchased by company and sold: House apprised at $150K (Average profit if sold at 120k is $60,000 Cash)
2.If purchased through us to investor: House apprasied at $150k (Average profit to Netbryce from fees $12,000 Cash)

There are an endless supply of homes and qualified rent to own tennants, buyers and investors to flip too. Contact me today so that we can discuss terms of agreement and set up a meeting to get together. The state of the market has never been better for this type of investment and multiple exit stratagies are in place for Netbryce homes or investor homes ranging from portfolio,rent-to-own and wholesale.

The team has been established and all parties are ready to go once I have secured capital for full time commitment on my part. Full service team consist of Reo Buyer and negotiator, Real Estate and Short sale agent, Loan Originator and Broker, Title Company and Closer, Marketing and Exit Stategy Manager and Construction Project Management and Sub-contractors.