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Friday, July 24, 2009

TGIF for the rest of you but for me it is thank god it's the weekend (TGITW). Because we have a great project + great returns, HAVE YOU PARTNERED?

I love the weekends because it gives me time to take off the house hunting hat, and slip into the house planning and designing jacket. This weekend I am heading out to a new project we just picked up yesterday for the complete redesign of the home. If you have been following my BLOG you will know that we buy homes and renovate to "new", green friendly of course. This home is a prime 3 bed, 2 bath SFH nestled into a quite neighborhood here in MN.

This home after renovation will sell for 75%+ LTV or around $100-125,000k to our end users. As you know we Co-Op with members and "this one" is available for partnering, but jump on it as it will not last through the weekend. Total cost for this project is $47,000 which includes acquisition and renovation to new. Contact me directly with questions or buy in information (standard 10% down required to participate as partner). Contact directly 24/7 as this is first come first serve.

I am asked constantly how to design and decorate with appeal that will sell the home within 30 days or less. Simple answer know what the public buyer wants and give it to them at wholesale prices.

Below is some information that will help in your design for projects in 2009-2010. But the best advice I really can give is jump off the fence and partner today, we will do the rest together.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts:

Hottest Trends for 2010

Want a head start on the competition? Learn how to catch the eyes of clients with the hottest trends for 2010. From colors to upgrades, these are the styles and statements coming soon to advertisements near you.


What's Hot...

You know that paint can make or break the look of a home but exactly which color looks best remains a mystery. Clear up the confusion by going with these sure-fire hits. According to industry leader Pantone, interior designers are opting for rich, complex color styles with earth friendly coatings. As for colors, try yellow (Thanks to the Obama's, yellow is the new white...even in the White House), green (the new neutral) and grey.

What's Not...

Chili Pepper red, lavender and aqua simply scream "paint me - now!".


Yes, textures are back and bigger than ever but forget shag rugs or faux rock walls, today's textures are truly inspired by nature. Simple, clean lines with a functional foundation and simple form. Natural tile rather than carpeting, stainless steel rather than plastics and reclaimed wood or bamboo versus exotic hardwoods.


European. Bigger isn't better and American's are finally catching on to what Europeans have known for a long time; simplicity makes sense. Kitchens are making a big comeback as people entertain at home and search for healthier - and less expensive - food options. Make it easy to prepare, clean and maintain the kitchen with quality appliances that emphasize the home rather than restaurant.


People are spending more time in the yard but don't expect them to do yard work. The hottest trend is low maintenance yards that require little to no mowing, weeding and primping. With the average cost of lawn maintenance approaching $2,500 annually, people expect to derive a real benefit. Greenhouse & Gardens are making a major come-back as are outdoor entertaining centers. Fruit trees, workshops and outdoor living space is in - picture perfect lawns that require hours of unpaid work each week or high priced maintenance service are waaay out.

See you at the top!

Please contact me directly for this weekends project for photos and buy in opportunity.


" No one changes Anything, without risking Everything"

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