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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Looking for Business partner!

I can Buy Homes at $0.20-0.30 Cents on the dollar in great structural shape, Rehab them in less than 30 days to new current condition and sell them to investors or end buyers at $.070 Cents on the dollar for great returns Average sale price $125-175K

Looking for Investor or Capital Partner to launch company!
*Needed Immediately: $3-5,000 for operating capital (secured with collateral and ownership) *Construction Investment: Needed to cover project rehabbing. (30 days)
* Purchase financing already arranged.

Here is the breakdown of my business and what we have set up. My company wishes to purchase and help real estate investors locate properties here in the Twin Cities that are listed, or not listed on the MLS ( Multiple Listing Service) and arrange the investor to pick up the properties typically around .20-30 Cents on the dollar. Once the property is acquired we receive our fee of $5000.00 at closing. We are a full service agency that arranges everything for the investor. So after acquiring the property we handle all project management for the renovations. As a company we make 10-15% of construction cost for this service, example of profit $40,000 in renovations x 15%= $6,000 company profit. We also help market the property during the construction stage for the investor to flip the house to an end user. We make 2.7% if we are able to sell the house without the use of a realtor. I have currently three real clients I am working with that have the ability of purchasing houses this month. I need to devote all of my efforts and attention to them and the continued growth of the company. (Hence the need for immediate Partners).

I have current obligations that must be met immediately that is why I am in need of the working capital. If you and I can come to an agreement immediately I will be able to pay you back this month with interest if that is agreeable. In regards to collateral I am a start up company but could offer idealistically a partnership with you long term, or place some of my personal belongings up that would more than equal the short term loan amount, or ownership in the business. Please let me know your thoughts. Please contact me directly to discuss this as I am sure a phone conversation will better explain my company, myself and the needs for the capital. I would like to buy these homes for the company itself, but have set two avenues to generate income.
1. Company home and 2.Investor Services.
1.If purchased by company and sold: House apprised at $150K (Average profit if sold at 120k is $60,000 Cash)
2.If purchased through us to investor: House apprasied at $150k (Average profit to Netbryce from fees $12,000 Cash)

There are an endless supply of homes and qualified rent to own tennants, buyers and investors to flip too. Contact me today so that we can discuss terms of agreement and set up a meeting to get together. The state of the market has never been better for this type of investment and multiple exit stratagies are in place for Netbryce homes or investor homes ranging from portfolio,rent-to-own and wholesale.

The team has been established and all parties are ready to go once I have secured capital for full time commitment on my part. Full service team consist of Reo Buyer and negotiator, Real Estate and Short sale agent, Loan Originator and Broker, Title Company and Closer, Marketing and Exit Stategy Manager and Construction Project Management and Sub-contractors.


  1. I think your REALTOR is a genious! Just kidding, but I think we have a good thing going.

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