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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Investors needed for property Purchases

20-25% APY with Secured Investment Products

Earn 20-25% APY with our secured investment products.

Even if you’re a day-trader, today’s equities markets are no longer a reliable vehicle for generating a reasonable return on investment. The cascading bear market, with record-breaking intra-day volatility, has scared many people away from this arena altogether. And let’s face it – the yield on most traditional fixed income products is far too low.
Are you looking for a place to invest your capital that can perform in this environment?

Our Hard money program is the answer.

Our Bridge Loan Investment Fund guarantees a 20-25% APY, and is secured by prime real estate. Whether you’re a savvy real estate investor or simply an individual looking for a reasonable return on capital, our financial products can fit your needs. We offer our affiliates choices from our portfolio of loan scenarios, pre-screened to fit our strict underwriting criteria. • All investments are secured by first lien on prime real estate. • Set your own underwriting criteria, or choose from our portfolio of investments. • Minimum investment: $20,000

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