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Friday, October 8, 2010

4th Quarter Rally "To All Looking For Great Returns!!"

I am the Director of Investor Relations for one of Southern California’s leading participants in the dynamic world of rehabbing and reselling foreclosed properties. We are presently seeking interested parties to partner with us to purchase, rehab and resell our ever-expanding pool of homes.

We are rehabbing and reselling foreclosed properties profitably throughout the United States. We are currently raising money for our newest fund which is focused on distressed residential properties.

Our process is very simple: we believe in taking a low risk, high turnover approach. Under this, we do not seek high returns from individual properties, but rather consistent returns from multiple properties. We are constantly purchasing homes to return to best-of-market quality, and typically complete the purchase/repair/disposition cycle in about 90-120 days. We would be happy to discuss our approach or send you additional information or a prospectus. Please contact me if you are interested at

Average investment is $60k per home all inclusive, *financing is available for the right partners. (*650 minimum fico, verifiable income and assets, minimum 10 homes)

Six Reasons Our Homes Will Make You Rich

1. Inflation - Past, Present & Future. The historic rate of inflation is roughly 3 percent but double digit inflation has taken place during periods of economic volatility and expansionary monetary practices such as those embraced by the current administration. Experts ten to believe we may encounter inflation in the 8 or even 10 percent rate within the next three to five years leading to high rates of nominal returns among all physical assets including real estate.

2. Demographic Demands - Immigration, escalating birth rates among minority populations and longer lifespan for elderly citizens all adds up to a rapidly expanding number of people seeking shelter and basic homes.

3. Declining Inventory - The media makes much ado about excess inventory but savvy REO sale investors will also notice the simultaneous reporting of a 'shortage' of affordable housing. Can both situations be true?

Yes. While the absolute number of housing units available may currently exceed demand, the actual number of affordable and desirable units is much more restrictive. For example, pier construction, energy efficiency, zoning regulations and other mandates often result in a lack of affordability even if the primary mortgage is acceptable. As units become functionally obsolete, the demand for safe, convenient, inexpensive homes will grow.

4. Leverage - Real estate benefits the small investor via the use of leverage; few other investments have the advantage of leverage combined with physical assets and alternative sources of income; it's a winning combination that provides maximum flexibility and minimal personal risk when properly structured.

5. Taxing Tribulations - Budget shortfalls and aggressive social support obligations are stressing federal and state budgets to the maximum. Earned income taxes, estate taxes and even a newly proposed VAT tax are likely to take a big bite out of average taxes for middle class Americans. Shifting from higher taxed earned income to lower taxed Capital Gains is a quick way to reduce the overall tax burden by 10 to 15 percent.

6. Short vs. Long Term Strategy. The age old adage to "buy and hold" stocks, bonds or even real estate for the long haul has come under increased scrutiny in the wake of fiscal irresponsibility, irregular reporting habits and unreliable regulatory agencies. The new trend is to take profits when they are available, maximize cash flow and focus on short term gains rather than the promise of long term appreciation. REO and Short sales provide exceptional ROI without the long term risk.

Average example of standard Property:
Purchased / renovated / rented: 50-60% LTV CMV
Sold to Investor "Rented" (average 120-180 days): 70 – 80% LTV CMV
If property portfolio average home is rented out at $1200 per month.



Angel Investors / Private Investors
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