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Monday, November 30, 2009

Private Investment (Cash, IRA, Stock or 401K) 9-15% Return on a "120 day" Investment

High Return Lowest Risk Investments "That You Control"
Why Private Money Investing Now?

This economy has created the perfect “storm” for Private Money Investing. With foreclosures at the highest rate since America was founded. Real Estate investors are seeing prices at an all time low. The problem most investors are facing is the lack of funding or private financial partners to make money with in the best market in history.

Ask yourself this simple question: Where are the 4 Million plus people that filed or lost there house to foreclosure this year (2009) going to live?

The Answer is simple: Investment properties....

Conventional lenders have significantly limited their programs on investment houses. Banks simply aren’t making investment loans right now. Investors are desperate for funding and have turned to private lenders for cash. Private lenders are earning higher returns on their money than ever before.

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to market investing or looking for the high returns from real estate, but would like to avoid the hassles of owning real estate; private money lending is the answer.

So, what is a Private Money Investing?

It is a loan made to a real estate investor that is secured by real estate.

Private Money Loan Investors are given a first mortgage that secures their legal interest in the property thus securing their investment. With my program the private investor has the first lien (ownership) on the property, is on title and the rehab draws are dispersed after each level of construction is completed.

We are not talking about high Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratios the banks and savings and loan institutions make on homes. We offer low LTV ratios to our Private Lenders to increase security of the loan. Our standard LTV ratios are under 70% of the value of the property securing the loan and frequently as low as 60% to 68%. This means additional security on the investment

Private investing offers:

 Steady Consistent Monthly Cash Flow
Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually

 More security Than Any Wall Street investment
All investments are secured by real estate; as well, as a personal guarantee

 9 to 15% Annual Fixed ROI
Current rates @ 12%

 Investment Control and Portfolio Diversity
Investments start @ 25k with no max.

 Short or Long Term Investment Opportunities
Investment terms range from 4 to 36 months

S/E Directed IRAs and 401Ks are welcome



" No one changes Anything, without risking Everything"

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